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Hotdogs Inc 

  • 100% Full Muscle Meat Produces
  • Freshly made in Singapore
  • Swiss - German Recipe 
  • No Harmful GSI

It's All About Making Quality a Guarantee

Hotdogs Inc (HDI) is an American Concept Fast Food Joint which sources all its raw produces from Swiss Butchery . Frisch Seafood. HDI opens its first store in Asia, Singapore on the 1st of October 2016. 

The company lends muscle in producing and customising sausages as well as roasted meats for all Hotdogs Inc joints. Hence, freshness and superb taste are the hallmarks of Hotdogs Inc's offerings.

About Hotdogs Inc

Cozy 12 seater hotdog koisk with a grab-and-go concept, Hotdogs Inc doles out high-quality sausages paired with freshly made buns. Since its inception, mainstays such as Wagyu Beef Roll; Soft Shell Crab; and Pork Cheese Sausage have won the hearts of gourmands. The brand also serves up delectable side dishes such as Cheeky Spicy Wings and Premium Squid Balls.


Hotdogs Inc . Singapore 

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